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Here are some 3D models that I put in the public domain.  If you use one, I'd be interested to see what happened

Use at your own risk!  I make no guarantees and take no responsibility.

Geared widget

Geared Widget (6MB)

A working machine: when you turn the knob it generates fun!  I made this as a party favor for a trade show in 2011. 

This design is available at Shapeways in two versions, smaller and larger.  The download on this page is the smaller version.

Unit Cube

The Unit Cube (300K)

Two complementary fractals: if we could ignore the Pauli exclusion principle for a moment, the pair would lock together into a solid cube.  The instance shown here was cast in silver from Solidscape wax prints.


Antichron (2MB)

This sculpture has the same symmetry group as Soliton, and its longer edge (of two) also forms the same knot as the long edge of that piece. 

This design is available at Shapeways.

Gyroid 6 units

Gyroid (6MB)

A section of the gyroid surface, with a little thickness added so it's easier to visualize or build. 

In this render I assigned an opaque material to the surface, then placed a blue light on one side and a yellow one on the other.  This shows how the gyroid divides space into two regions: the blue-lit and yellow-lit spaces interlock but are separate.  You should build a lamp like this.

Little Star

Little Star (1.2MB)

I've made variants of this piece in lasercut steel, plywood, waterjet-cut plate glass, cast silver, machined aluminum, basswood...but somehow it hasn't stayed in production. 

Ridiculously detailed instructions are here.

Several people have built it! 

Sea Star

Sea Star

Like Little Star, this and the next few sculptures are designed to be cut and assembled from flat material.  These DXF patterns are for 1/8"-thick material, but anything flat should do provided you adjust for thickness by either scaling the whole design, or tweaking the width of the slots as needed. 

The instruction PDF's were written for plywood kits held together with glue.  Even if you're using a different material, they may still be useful as guides to the assembly sequence.

DXF      Instructions page 1      Page 2

Sea Star

Sun Star

DXF      Instructions page 1      Page 2

UV Star

UV Star

DXF      Instructions page 1      Page 2

Menger Sponge

Menger Sponge (5MB)

I used to have this available as a metal print, but due to changes in the technology I'm no longer able to manufacture it.  It may be possible larger.  It's certainly possible with other 3D printing methods – feel free.  (Other famous fractal models are here.)

This design is available at Shapeways.


Metatron (3MB)

The cubelike one of the Ora family.  I like to use two colors in this piece, or some other way to distinguish its two types of surface.  Using the colors at left for reference, there are two blue surfaces, one inner and one outer, but only one green surface.

More uses of this model are pictured here.

Moebius Net

Möbius Net (9MB)

I finally got around to making a Möbius strip. 

Sirris metal fabrication made this design on a metal printer.

This design is available at Shapeways.


Spikyball (12MB)

I made this diatomaceous design using Qhull to draw a Voronoi network with the symmetry of a snub dodecahedron.  Just a little smoothing and twisting, and Bob's your uncle.  This model is fanciful because of the long spines – render with confidence, print with caution.