Welcome! I'm a designer for 3D printing, mostly in steel. Here you'll find sculpture, pendants, cephalopods, and laser etched glass.

News about the state of this art.

  • A new cube! Laniakea is a large scale map of galactic clusters.

  • A solid design in steel here, or as a pendant in plastic or silver at Shapeways.

  • Ether Murex, a tiny shiny shell from a far sea.

  • Unusual geometry of the Gyroid

Laser Glass

Scientific data laser etched in full 3D, inside cubes of clear glass. This begins where 3D printing leaves off: it handles intractable, unstructural information with precision and grace.

Crystal Proteins

Got your own intractable data? At CrystalProtein I can put it in glass for you. Keychains to large awards, quantities one to hundreds. Proteins and small molecules are a specialty, but it's always interesting to see something different.


I mostly carry steel sculpture here. If you'd like to see more materials – silver, bronze, many plastics, steel with different finishes – do visit my shop at Shapeways. We're old friends, they pay on time, and I'm happy to have my work there.


Whether you're here to shop or just see some art, I hope you enjoy these designs. This is my job since 1997 – before there was Paypal or Google, Patreon or Kickstarter – and for that I'm grateful to you.

Prices are as low as I can make them and keep going: $30-75 for jewelry and mini sculpture, $200-500 for larger sculpture and math models, laser glass $20-105, from keychains to Mega DNA.

Thanks for visiting.